Army Gun Battle - Desert War



*** 100% FREE Third Person Shooter ***

Weapon up soldier, you're going to war! There's hostiles a plenty and you or they wont be taking prisoners!

We've received intelligence that suggests the mastermind is hidden in a remote village bordering the desert. Your mission is to find and remove the threat before it's too late. We depend on you!

* 3D frantic gun play!
* Awesome weapons, kills and battles!
* Pickups, ammo and more!

Challenge your friends top scores TODAY!

This is a top combat unit, with modern special force recon sniper ops. There are no ghosts on the frontline, only elite commandos who know how to get the job done. The SAS guys wouldn't even recognise these elite black ops forces. The world needs you so go in and go hard! Shoot on sight!

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