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"Great Classic RTS Feel!" RTSGuru - 8/10
We have just released new update for our game! There are some gameplay and server improvements, shop interaction and two new buttons for FACEBOOK and TWITTER!

The time has come! Please put your hands together and get your thumbs at the ready for the first free MMO Real Time Strategy game for mobile devices! Now you've got an opportunity to fight other strategists in real-time online action absolutely free! HeroCraft offers you the chance to try the first Massively Multiplayer Real Time Strategy game on Android, Art Of War: Online. The game is a combination of dynamic gameplay and tactical depths. Like Gear Games's “Art of War 2: The Global Confederation”, ported by HeroCraft to Android last year, you will need to focus your attention on nothing but battle action and military base construction. There is no need to mine resources as they are now gained automatically. There are loads of weapons, buildings and several ways to upgrade your army. Lead your armies in two modes: skirmish and tournament. In skirmish mode you can choose an enemy that matches your skill level and defeat him in a one-on-one battle. In tournament mode you won't be able to choose your opponents but instead try to secure victory over the players who participate in that tournament. That's where the real battle begins!
The game provides a clan system, so players can team up and fight between clans in an attempt to reach the top and gain as many experience points as possible. Those points enable you to develop your General, which will take effect on your units and building features! The more points you gain, the more invincible your army can become! Also players will gain YourCraft credits for winning tournaments or being at the top of the charts by the end of the week, which they can spend on a huge variety of bonuses and buy new ranks. Players will also be able to spend those credits in every HeroCraft game that supports online play.
Art Of War 2: Online – World War Three has already begun, take your place in formation!

Game features:
- Absolutely free*
- Real online RTS for mobile devices.
- The chance to battle players all over the world.
- Ratings and ranks system with opportunities to upgrade.
- Take part in a variety tournaments and win real money
- Large variety of weaponry, buildings and tactics.
- Fascinating gameplay.

*network access costs may apply.

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