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Astro Shark is an original casual game for Android

  • Original gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Storyline
  • Addictive
  • Just two free levels in this demo

"A marine love story"

Once in a while an outstanding game with both an original gameplay and original theme is released on the market stealthly. However, this kind of games fulfill all the requirements to become a hit and just need someone to discover it and spread the voice. That's why this AZ Editor is here, and this latent successful title is Astro Shark.

We recommend you to watch the trailer. The plot is just crazy: a whaleshark fell in love with Laika, the space dog. When the Russian took and sent her out in space, the whaleshark got depressed. Unit9.apps, the developers of this title, have sent the whaleshark to the space. Help the whaleshark to find and rescue Laika and give a happy end to that love story.

Gameplay: use gravitational field of the planets you'll find on your way to steer the whaleshark out in space and avoid rockets send by the Russian. Activate mine, grab items and fulfill all the points of the briefing to get the highest score (three star scoring system).

3D graphics are cute and the game runs smoothly even on medium-end devices. Controls are simple: the whaleshark runs automatically, hold a planet to turn around it using its gravitatonial field.

The only catch of this game is that it's a demo with just two levels (actually three, tutorial and two regular levels). Two levels is enough to check the quality of this original game but it needs some more levels to get us hooked.

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