A.T.Gun 3D Lite (WW2:Normandy)




    Very Important* - Handling Ammos (Please read this carefully before playing the game)

    Note : Please Use Escape Key/Back Button, to skip/pause.

    Smoke Grenade - Throw smoke grenades,at the same direction where enemy objects heading. Smoke Grenades affects the enemy within the certain distance from the enemy's position. The Smoke Grenade will stop
    "enemy movements and reduce firing speed of the enemy".

    Note :- Use 3rd person camera, while throwing Smoke Grenade, Molotov Cocktails, Para Bombs.Use Molotov Cocktails after enemy stopped in a position to improve the accuracy.

    Molotov Cocktail - Molotov Cocktails are an effective weapon against tanks. Once player fired a Molotov Cocktail it will take few seconds to demolish the tank. One Molotov Cocktail is enough to demolish one tank.

    Note :- Use 3rd person camera, while throwing Smoke Grenade, Molotov Cocktails, Para Bombs.

    Para Bombing - Para Bombs are another key weapon in this game. Most deadliest weapon in this game. Para bombs will be dropped through B-17 bombers and approximately few seconds will take to hit the ground. Bombers will destroy all enemy objects within a certain range.

    Note :- Use 3rd person camera, while throwing Smoke Grenade, Molotov Cocktails, Para Bombs.

    A.T. GUN 3D (Operation Overlord) is a challenging game for warfare game lovers. The unique features it includes sets it apart from the rest and makes the game more fun and real for hardcore gamers who can satisfy their hunger of playing in a life-like war situation on their mobile phones.

    C.G. Software has designed the game. The game has 3D sounds like marine alert sounds, explosion and vehicle sounds incorporated in it. Moreover, multiple cameras in the game enable the gamer to get 3D view of the battleground and the enemy objects from many different angles.

    A.T. GUN 3D is a game set on the Day of 6th June, 1944 which is the day Normandy was invaded, better known as the D-Day. In World War II, the Germans occupied Western Europe for four years after which the Western Allied Forces invaded Normandy on D-Day to free Normandy and the rest of Western Europe from the clutches of Germany.

    The main features this game includes are:
    • 5 challenging missions
    • 4 unique terrains
    • Life-like 3D sounds
    • Multiple cameras
    • A variety of destructive weapons
    • Status messages on top of the screen
    • Verbal messages

    The primary weapon available to gamers in A.T. GUN 3D is an A.T. Gun or an Anti-Tank Gun that has a thick armor and is capable of massive destruction. This fixed-long range gun had been created by the Allied research division specifically for the Battle of Normandy. Gamers also have other weapons to choose from which include Molotov Cocktail or a liquid inflammable bomb capable of effectively destroying bunkers and tanks, Smoke to discourage enemies from moving towards them or to diminish their firing speed, as well as Parabombs or parachute bombs that are dropped on the enemies from B-17 bomber planes.

    To make the game challenging, the game includes a wide range of Challenging Enemy Objects (Panther tanks, Tiger Tanks and Concrete Bunkers) that are resilient to a certain extent and are even capable of shooting back. Gamers can even attack enemies hidden inside windmills or other buildings. They can be awarded an ammunition upgrade or more lives at every level depending on their performance. Status messages appear on the top centre of the screen as well as announced verbally to facilitate the gamer.

    To the delight of most gamers, the features in the game are very life-like and will give them a true experience of being a part of World War II and fight against Hitler’s army. All hardcore warfare game enthusiasts will certainly love playing this game and will be able to feel the nostalgia of the event.

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