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Fix bug " close in screen account "
Supports three languages​​: English, Vietnamese, Japanese
There are 4 level in this game: Choreography 4K,Crazy 4k,8K,Crazy 8k.
4K : Include 4 buttons: Left, Right, Up, Down.
8K : Include 8 buttons: Left, Right, Up, Down, and 4 Diagonal Button.
Normal mode require the max level is 9.
Cary mode require the max level is 11.
Game will display red button.
How to play:
Upper right corner is your score.
Upper left corner is time of a song.
The game ends when the song ends
From level 1 to level 9, there are buttons on the screen
The button "Go" and four function buttons are on the bottom of screen.
You must press the function button according to the requirement in each level.
There is a marbles running on the screen, when the marbles is in the middle of the light you must press "Go" button.
You must complete left, right arrow button.. and click " GO ".
You get highest score when marbles is in the middle of the light
Note: That button must be hit back.
When finish game, you will get exp.
If you get enough EXP, your level will up.
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