Bacteria Invasion


Bacteria Invasion's review


Kill all the bacteria and their poison

  • Could be fun, entertaining
  • Bullets don't work
  • Force closes

"An infected world"

When Bacteria invade your town, the only thing left to do is to defend yourselves and eliminate the bacteria and their poison. That means paying attention, watching out for poison and moving the military craft by dragging them left to right so you can aim correctly and destroy the bacteria.

The problem we found with the application is that it didn't work in a Samsung Tablet, the bullets didn't seem to kill any of the bacteria or the poison and it even force closed in the middle of the game.

Gp Imports is the developer of Bacteria Invasion Gold and premium version, a game that should be revised in order to fix the bugs. The gameplay could easily be fun and have potential to get you addicted but it has too many bugs at the moment.

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by Ana , Appszoom

Nov 13, 2012