Ball's Escape

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    Ball’s Escape is most addicting & entertaining ball dodging game. Enjoy the game with funny graphic, stylish design and attractive gameplay.
    Your mission: survival as long as you can, regardless the number of red balls and how fast they move.
    There are 3 modes for you to play:
    -Escape Mode: starting from 1 RED ball, but they will come by numbers and moving faster after each round.
    -Survival Mode: choose the fix number of RED balls. More balls, more points & more fun.
    -Fun Mode: Just relax. No RED ball could harm you.

    Your ball & RED balls images can be customized. Change the ball’s image by your portrait and start a game between YOU vs. whomever you want.

    Even a baby can play, but how far could you go? Show us your point!

    Support multiple screen's size.