Bank Logo Game



Bank logo Game is free game where you can match the logo with the bank name and this is a good way of increasing your general knowledge.
Think hard to match up the logo,
Simple operation, the limited time,
Learn more about the bank logos,
Easy to download bank logo game app on your mobile.
 Games rule:
 Match the logo with bank name together with less than two straight lines can be eliminated; the rules are simple and easy to get started.
 Props introduction:
Start: Click Start button to start the Game
Play: Match 2 same “logo with bank name” horizontally and vertically and click on the cards.
Refresh: will refresh the picture on the screen              
Find: If you not find the same “logo with bank name " click on find button to find the same; you only get "3" chances;
Enrich the blood : Fill up the progress bar
Progress bar:  Timer Bar will indicate the remains time;
Exchange : randomly one picture into another picture
Quite easy download and play it now!

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