Bat Man Sky Adventure




    Joker is lose again, stop his Laughing Gas Balloons and Missiles from reaching Gotham City.

    Here, you as Batman fly the Batwing and shoot down the Balloons and Missiles.

    With level batman's batarang and jokers weapon changes.

    Playing Instruction
    - Batwing flies automatically and shoots batarangs automatically, you have to tilt your device left and right to move the batwing left and right.

    System Requirements
    - 1GB ram and 1.2Ghz processor recommended
    - Your system must be compatible with Adobe Air
    - High end phones are recommended to play a lag less game

    Possible defects
    - The game may go blank at times, at that time please wipe the the game from memory and restart the game. If you have access to option button, then you can press it and press exit to wipe of the memory of the game.
    -Some Models of Sony Xperia phones are facing freezes.

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