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Battle Squadron is a famed Amiga retro shooter

  • 2D retro graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Retro background music
  • Storyline
  • Just one underworld in the free version

"Feel the magic of the retro"

Cope-Com brings the magic of the eighties games to your Android devices. Battle Squadron is a vertical shooter which has been developed being faithful to the essence of the classics: pixelated 2D graphics, retro-electro background music, final bosses, scores and credits. You'll feel like playing an old Arcade.

There's more: there's a storyline behind. For a long time Barrax Empire (made up by ruthless species), have been trying to take control of the whole Universe. Humans have been fighting them to contain their aspirations. Now, two important Human commanders, Berry and Mayers have been taken as hostages. Your mission is to bring them back safe and sound to the Earth.

Thus, you'll have to destroy the Barrax Empire to achieve it. Equip your spaceship, collect items, avoid enemy's bullets and missiles and upgrade your skills if you want to complete your mission. You can enter any of the 3 underworld in any order (free version only underworld 1 is available). After all underworlds are complete defeat final Barrax enemy.

As we said, graphics looks like classic eighties vertical shooter. Controls are intuitive and have been optimized for mobile device: you can choose among joypad or tilt controls. Screentouch response is ok in any case.

In a nutshell, if you grew up with this kind of games, you cannot miss this, one of the best ways to travel back in time to the eighties, same feelings. If were born in an earlier time, don't miss the chance anyway. This game genre is timeless. Recommendable.

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May 21, 2012

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