Big fish eat small 3D


Big fish eat small 3D's review


Big Fish Eat Small 3D is a hilarious casual game

  • Tilt controls
  • Loads of fun
  • Challenging
  • No online leaderboards

"Law of nature"

It's cruel, yes, but nature works this way. Big fish eat small and there's nothing they can do but grow and face them or run. You embody a young cephalopod of the deep ocean who needs to be fed. He starts almost in the beginning of the food chain but he will climb as he levels up.

What you need to do to level up is avoiding to hit dangerous objects (like barrels) and fish that are over you in the food chain, that's it, bigger fish. When one of these objects or animals hits you, your level bar drop some bars and you'll eat more small fishes to recover it. Levelling up means that a new fish breed will be added to your menu, that's it, you'll improve your position on the chain food.

3D graphics are great, not stunning but enough for this kind of games. One of the strongest points of this game is its controls: you steer the octopus with tilt controls, what makes it way more interesting and difficult.

We're just missing online leaderboards to submit our best marks. Despite of this, this is highly addictive game.

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