Birds vs. Balloons



Birds vs.Balloons is a unique war game which you never play before.Many people very like this game,More interesting places wait for you to find.

- device
+ best play for 480x800 about;
+ other smaller can display,but may be slow.

- how to play
+ you click on the balloon to make it it faster,it flies faster.
+ when you click the balloon ,it will become focus with red frame.
+ when you click the blank place,the balloons throw the stones to the birds.You click at the left of the focus balloon,the balloon throws to left;the same as right.
+ when the stones hit the birds,the birds will explode,and disappear.
+ when the birds hit the balloons,the balloons break into explode,and disappear.
+ when no birds left, the game win to advanced level.
+ when no balloons or no stones left,the game end again.

Tags: are balloons safe for birds