Blood Menace - Finger ADV




    OUCH!!!! Are you ready to cut your finger? this game is really painful:) just kidding..

    Test your speed with the marvelous game!
    Extremely addictive, remove your finger before the knife cuts your finger. Analyze and measure your speed.

    Are you ready for this madness? this is a really amazing game! get READY!

    It normally consists of a tall upright frame from which a blade is suspended. This blade is normally suspended and raised with a tight rope and then dropped, harming your "digital" finger. The only way you can save your digital finger is by removing the finger in the right moment.

    Unlike similar games, our game is is really amazing!.. which means that the levels grow in complexity depending on your beahvior-skills.

    DON'y practice this at home with real blades, you may lose your finger! its really risky!~


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