Bomberman Extreme



Help the character survive and set up bombs to destroy enemies and obstacles as many as he can. This strategic maze-based game will surely get you hooked!

How to play:

To navigate your character in the maze, tilt your device according to the direction you want your character to move to. Tap the area of the maze where you want to place the bomb. Avoid getting hit by the explosion! Get away from detonated bomb and hide among other obstacles to do so. Being hit by the explosion and touched by the enemy bugs will lessen your character's life.

Bomb obstcales and obtain powerups:

* Heart: additional life
* Bomb+: additional bomb
* Bomb-: less bomb
* Colored Boot: speed up
* Gray Boot: speed down
* Colored Flame: longer length of explosion
* Gray Flame: short length of explosion

Download now and experience the fun and thrill of the game! Annihilate bugs and beat the highest score!

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