Boom Balloon



Balloon Boom !

Balloon Go Boom Boom Booom!

Boomballoon is an action-arcade game that requires speed and skill. It works great for any age as the gameplay is very simple, yet very challenging.
Pop the balloons before they reach the sky to gain score. Try to get the highest score possible before your lives run out. The longer you play the harder it gets, eventually making it almost impossible.

This is a great game for kids. Just press "kidzmode" and the pace of the game will slow down and you will start with 9 lives. The kids can go crazy and pop every balloon on the screen. There are no skullballoons that will be in their way! Nothing will be able to stop your crazyness! Prove that you are the best balloon popper in the world!


-Do not pop the skull-balloons!
-Try to pop all of the hot-airballoons!
-Golden balloons give more points!
-Practice! It's the only way you will ever beat the record-holder

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