Bugz! Free



You are invaded by a gazillion of creepy-crawly creatures that are after your cakes. Don't let yourself be bullied by these bandits!

Luckily for you, there is an unlimited supply of bombs at your disposal. You have to move your fingers fast, aim flawlessly and detonate on time.

Sweep over the bomb to launch it. When the bomb is close to a bug, push one of the buttons to detonate it (there are two of them at the bottom of the screen - the green one for right-handed people, the blue one for those of you being left-handed).

Each time a bug breaches your defences, it takes a bite out of your cakes. No more cakes, no game!

Be careful, there will be some surprises waiting for you.

I wish you good luck! - You'll need plenty of it to survive.

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