Cadillacs Dinosaurs



Retro arcade game Cadillacs and dinosaurs(Mostofa), using break free again with memories.
State game is not called gold fingers you can submit your game record to see who is the King of Arcade.
Throw another game-“final Figh”, you can toggle the option.
If you press the shock does not fit, you can modify the settings in the options.
The game plot:
< Dinosaur new century > adapted since United States Broadcasting of "Xenozoic Tales", story occurred in year 2513, this is a human and Dinosaur coexistence of era. can according to opening animation of tips, these has never not attack human of dinosaur is was has a bunch of poaching who of attacks. as plot of development, you will found a huge of conspiracy, was in secret test will human variation adult and Dinosaur of huge mixed body, and this all of behind hand is Fessenden Dr, In the game final, he had himself mutated into a giant long dinosaur.
< Dinosaur new century > of action skills more has many. each bit role are has different of special technical, collision technical, air attack technical, and combo technical. game in the of dinosaur is interesting, they will not plus distinction to attack friend or foe both. some dinosaur must hit pour of, to continues to forward. believe members are on that has a only huge dinosaur feet of scene memory worries new, is who was stepped on who unlucky is. also, also has a very short of drag racing shut, I guess they opened is Cadillac 's.
This application support Arcade game: , Captain Commando, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs(Mostofa/Mustafa), Knights of the Round, Warriors of Fate, King of Fighters, Final Fight, Punisher, Sunset Riders(West cowboy), Metal Slug, Prehistoric Isle, Street Fighter, Real Bout Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Power Instinct, The Last Blade, Mortal Kombat, The King of Dragons, Samurai Shodown, Snow Bros, Double Dragon, hook, Dark Seal, Areo Fighters, Super Sidekicks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Hoop, Contra.

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