Comefotos(PACMAN Tribute)




    Comefotos tribute is a review of the famous Pacman arcade game. This time we go eating a picture piece by piece, avoiding the ghosts to catch us.

    The running game is fairly intuitive and easy:

    You just tap a yellow PhotoPac and drag over a blue PhotoPacging. Then just drag it back to another blue PhotoPac to join them, and we'll have eaten the piece of photo delimited by the area of the 3 PhotoPac involved.

    For more information, there is in the game a complete set of instructions, accessible from the main menu.

    This version includes more than 400 levels, numerous game modes, and great and amazing pictures of animals and nature.

    If you like games of skill such Angry Birds, or Fruit Ninja, no doubt you will like this game.

    The game is ready for all kinds of devices, both tablets and mobile devices, and HD resolutions.

    ** This version of the game is completely free and without restrictions or limitations. If you want to help to support it, visit regularly our sponsors.