Defend Your Castle




The legion army of stick men from the west are on the horizon and your castle defense is about to get tested.
As the stick men approach your castle, do everything in your power to defeat them. In the beginning you will
have to resort to gravity, simply tap on the enemy stick soldiers and drag to fling them into the sky, let
gravity do the rest. If you don't throw them high enough they will just stand back up and keep attacking.

As the core of the enemy stick army gets closer the waves of enemies and the variety of stick men will surely
increase and challenge you. Don't be scared, as you accumulate points you will be able to purchase upgrades for your castle
to include a temple to convert the enemy to your side, then you can train them to be archers or wizards against their brethren or you can build the walls of your castle to be taller, and later when you earn enough points you can wield increasingly more powerful spells to lay waste to the onslaught of stick men as they relentlessly bombard your castles outer walls.

Defend Your Castle requires the adobe flash plugin to play, tap and long press the screen to bring up the full screen menu, flash performs
best in full screen mode. Defend your castle for android may place ads in your notification bar and on your home screen. Enjoy Defend Your Castle for free and share your conquests and defense stories on the worlds largest social gaming network, Heyzap, accessible through the options menu.

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