Dinosaur Fighter




    Retro arcade games, dinosaurs Fighter, the use of the rest of the idle memories together again.
    In the state of the game is not called Goldfinger can submit your game record, to see who is king of the arcade.
    Game comes with another game - Street Fighter, you can switch between the options.
    If you are not suited to vibrate button, you can modify the settings option.
    Game plot:
    Adapted from the United States serving a "Xenozoic Tales" takes place in the year 2513, this is an era of coexistence of humans and dinosaurs can be based on the opening animation suggests that these dinosaurs never attack humans but was attacked a group of poachers with the development of the plot, you will find a huge conspiracy, it was in secret trials will adult human variation mix with the huge dinosaurs, but behind all this is Dr. Fessenden, in the final game, he will own mutated into a huge bull dinosaurs.
    Motor skills a lot more. Each character has different special skills, collision technology, aerial attack skills, as well as combo skills. Dinosaur game is very interesting, they indiscriminately attacked two sides and some dinosaurs must down the order to move on and I believe that everyone has a right foot giant dinosaur scene fresh in mind, it is really unlucky who was stepped on. Moreover, there is a very short racing off, I guess they are open Cadillac bar.

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