!!SUPPORTS BOTH Touchscreen AND Keyboard Devices!!

- Must Have SD-Card (10MB+)
- Touchscreen or Keyboard Android Device

- Classical Doom FPS Revived for Android Devices
- Doom Shareware DEMO Episode Included*
- Smooth, Fast, and Easy Game Play
- Touchscreen Controls Perfected
- On-Screen Keyboard Supported to Enter Cheats
- Multi Player Game Mode Supported **
- Supports Doom Original and Doom2 ***
- Original Doom Owners Can Directly Download Their Own Doom Version without Use of SD Card Mounting.

*Required Internet for Initial One Time Download
**Required Doom Server (Host) to Connect To
***Owners Provide Their OWN File Through: 1.) Copy to SD Card Doom Folder 2.) Use In-Application Custom Download Option to Download Off Your Own Server

*Off Screen Physical Buttons:
- Menu Button to Toggle Doom Menu
- Search Button to Toogle Keyboard to Enter Cheats
- Back Button to Escape / Exit
- Home to Put Application in Background
*On Screen:
- Swipe Left / Right to Strafe in Different Directions
- Up Arrow on Arrow Pad to Open Doors / Use Item
- Arrow (D)Pad on Left to Control Movement
- Pentagram Button to Shoot
- Bottom X Shaped Buttons to Select Weapons 1-7
- Bottom Right Corner Button to Toggle Map
- Middle )( Right Button to Toggle Weapons
*Keyboard Controls
- 1 = Up, D = Left, W = Right, A = Down
- 2 to 9 = Weapon Selection, 0 = Weapon Toggle
- Space Bar to Open Doors / Use Items
- Screen Touch to Shoot

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