Duck Hopping



Little duckling is hopping around for fun,without noticing that danger is coming close.She has to jump from one plate to another to survive all these dangerous stuff.Try to help her now.
This is a classic, exciting and challenging falling game.It is a fun specially designed for those who like classic old games. If you like Mr Jump, Extreme Droid Jump, or Mr Runner, you will like this one also.

Different objects that might help or harm you:
1. Safety plate,it's simply normal plate that you can stand on.
2. Electric Current plate,this one hurts you when you stand on it.
3. Conveyor belt,this will move you from one side to another.
4. Cloud, it hurts you and starts to rain when you stand on it.
5. Bird, the bird can carry you for a while but it hurts you.
6. Energy balloon,this will give you more energy but it repeatedly throws you back into the air.

Socreboard supported,submit your score to compete with others around the world.

TAP arrow buttons to navigate the little man.

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