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Dungeon Fighter Gunner is a old-fashioned RPG dressed with classic beat'em up elements

  • RPG and beat'em up genres merged
  • Retro 2D graphics
  • Upgrading system
  • Lots of items and weaponry
  • Dialogues over the top
  • Interface should be enhanced

"Guns and dungeons"

Dungeon Fighter Gunner perfectly fits those who like the fighting-style of beat'em ups but don't like plotless games. The storyline of RPG and the action of classic beat'em up like Street of Rage are merged in this title.

Old-fashioned pixelated graphics, upgrading system, weaponry and equipment that can be crafted and sold, final bosses, quests and real-time fights. That's what you'll get in this game, that mixes swords and guns, classic and modern.

Lots of dialogues for storyline lovers and huge Empyrean and Citadel maps to explore, as well as unmapped dungeons. The only catch: dialogues are excessive from my own point of view. Interface should be enhanced: retro 2D graphics doesn't mean that cannot be enhanced. Worthy.

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Dec 28, 2012

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