Easter Bunny Shooter



Easter Bunny Shooter is a stylish action game about the survival of rabbit in toxic field filled with monster carrots

* Intuitive tilt-based controls
* Colorful underwater graphics
* Blasting soundtrack
* Simple and addictive game mechanics
* 3 levels available all the way, you decide where u start
* Credits Performance score on each level
* In-game achievements & upgrades of characters and inventory

Tilt the device to control the ship. Some creatures add credits, some decrease, you need to figure this out on your own. Beware each level is different! Collect as much credits as possible to buy creatures and equipment.

In each level you have to complete one objectives: collect as much credits as possible; Every level is different, All factor like speed and number of friends or enemies - these combined make each level unique.

Survive as long as possible and collect as much credits as you can. Game starts with a lot of friendly units and slow speed, each level progress with less friends and faster speed. Survive, that's the only thing you can do!

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