Explosive Color RowsThis in a


Explosive Color RowsThis in a's review


Swipe the columns up and down until you get a match

  • Fresh gameplay
  • Easy to play and get the hang of it
  • Challenging at the same time
  • Design could be enhanced

"Rows and colors and blocks"

The objective in Explosive Color Rows is to match the color in the center and eliminate rows by swiping the columns up and down until achieving the objective.

When you already have three matching blocks, tap on the center block and they will disappear. As the game advances, new blocks will appear: some of them will help you get a higher score but others will make it harder for you, so try to concentrate on the matching blocks and think fats before the time runs out.

Gp Imports is the developer of this enjoyable puzzle game, a gameplay which is fresh and feels more creative than the majority of other puzzle games we're used to play with. Of course the graphics could be better, but overall, this is a worthy and colorful puzzle game for all ages.

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by Ana , Appszoom

Nov 14, 2012