Fantasy of The Magic ver.β



[always to the end , please check the description ]
※ This app does not support the language other than Japanese.
The person who played the beta version, please be sure to update the beta version of the final.
You can only check and change of leader, user name, user Id, the password is the last beta version.

If you take over to the official version of the beta version, it is carried over to the official version only character that has been set in the reader.
In addition, you can only once, please understand takeover.

※ There is a character that some change in the status in the official version.

Official version is here↓

Beta last ver1.0.4

[ Game introduction]
< Defend the base from the enemy >
By placing them on the field character that was brought up
Whatever defeated enemy looming !
It exercises a magic assess the timing
Compelling effects colorful !

< Colorful character to be able to enjoy just to see>
A beautiful body 100 characters or more !
Width of strategy infinity in a variety of magic !
Let's capture the quest at a party of their own choice !

< The Battle to adventure with people around the world >
I challenge quest with people all over the world
What Quest is also a capture along with the fellow !
Serious battle with others in the battle !
Together to make a lot of friends
Let's play!

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Monsters Coin
350,000 DL breakthrough total

Chalk series
350,000 DL breakthrough total

Pen series clamp
500,000 DL breakthrough total

Galaxylaser series
300,000 DL breakthrough total

Dark Knight Story Series
100,000 DL breakthrough total

Other popular series number !
Total 4,000,000 DL breakthrough app!

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