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FIGHT FOR FREEDOM is a full of action beat'em up

  • Old-school beat'em up style
  • 2D retro graphics
  • Combo attacks
  • Control should be enhanced

"There's no freedom without fight"

Your character belong to a fantastic world which is living its darkest years. Inhabitants only will be free if you and other heroes like you fight against Imperial forces in order to destroy their domination.

You and the others heroes have been well-trained on martial arts. That skills will be decisive to defeat dark force. However, you will have to master it: controls feel weird in the beginning, however, there's a tutorial to make learning curve flatter. There are various types of techniques: lunge, ranged attack, counter-air attack and bombardment. Use them properly and you'll have no problem to finish off your enemies.

The only catch: controls aren't as intuitive as it should. It doesn't support multi-touch and that would be great for combo attacks. 2D graphics reminds old-school beat'em up and keep that touch of nostalgia that makes pixelated graphics attractive. Effects and animations are good to provide that full-action feeling.

In a few words, an entertaining timekiller.

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