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    Fighter Match is a fighter game and it is also a shoot game. However, it is a special shoot game which has not direction keys.

    Want to know more about this special fighter game.

    1. Fighter Match collects famous fighters and these fighters come from four countries: China, America, Soviet Union and Britain. All these fighters are powerful and have advanced weapons.

    2. The icon on the main page can slide. The first country is American, if you want to try other countries’ fighters, you just slide the icon left and then you can find other countries.

    3. After you choose the country, you can choose your fighter now. Choose one you like and you can start the game.

    4. Touch the START TRAINING button and then you can drive your fighter. The operation is special. You need move your mobile phone just like a fighter. The acceleration is important because the quicker the acceleration is, the higher score you will get. Now I tell you how to shoot the target. You need to press the volume up key on your mobile phone. The system will give a score after you shoot.

    5. If you still have problem with the operation, you can touch the TUTORIALS to get more information of the operation. You should take a seriously of how to get a high score.

    6. The INTRODUCTIN can tell you more information your fighter. This function will connect the internet, so you should use it after thinking.

    7. If you would like to support this fighter game, please give it five stars. I would like to receive any advice from you. Your advice will make this game better,

    Fighter Match is an interesting game which will give you different experience from other fighter game. You mobile phone can become a fighter with this app, not one fighter but many fighters.

    Fighter Match can tell you fighters’ detailed information, so this app also can increase your knowledge of fighters. A good game has entertainment and teaching.

    Not only knowledge can you get from this game, you also can exercise your arm at least, because you need to use your force to let your fighter get the maximum acceleration, you your arm will be exercise.

    If you like this game, I hope you can recommend it to your friends or others. In this way, I can get more advice and this game will be better.