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Just like the original bird-smashing-into-the-pipe craze, plus a bit of poo

  • Just like Flappy Bird, plus poo
  • Addictive, I suppose
  • Stupid hard
  • Wholly unoriginal
  • Maybe it gets old real fast? Maybe it's just me?

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"Crappy bird. No, really"

Green Chili Games' Flappy Wings is exactly like the sudden craze Flappy Bird, apart from two features: the bird actually looks like a bird, and every couple pipes it lets out a poo.

Tap the screen continually to keep flapping higher. Dodge the pipes as you barrel forward through the skies, a stupid-hard feat. Plonk! You appear to have died once more. Hey guys, I got four!! Four!!!!

It's simple, it's dumb, it's apparently just as addicting for the general population as the original. Plus there's pixellated excrement, which is clearly an added value.

If you were hoping for Flappy Bird and came here instead, you might as well download Green Chili Games' Flappy Wings - it'll be exactly the same experience.

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Feb 06, 2014

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