Fruit Archery



Fruit Archery: Aim at the fruits falling through the scene.
Do you like archery and bow and arrow games? This is a free archery game with a twist: shoot the fruit falling out of the sky! Have you always dreamed to become an archer? This archery game is for you.

Archery hunting is fun, you have to aim at the moving fruit target you can have as much fun as real fruit ninja!
We hope to satisfy all shooting game and arcade game fans. It contains plenty of fruits like watermelons, bananas, apples, strawberries and more.

This is a high scoring game. Keep aiming and score high.

Touch the bow to aim, release to shoot.
Every time you hit a fruit in the center, you will get a bonus arrow!
The closer to the center you shoot the fruit, the higher the score.

Online scores to compete in a multiplayer environment with Scoreloop (free)

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