Fruit Catcher



Fruit catcher is about fruit ( and bugs!). The goal of the game is to catch fruit as they fall from the sky. You will get badges ( Bon Banana badge, Magnificent Mango badge...etc) along the way, if you manage to avoid bugs. Your ultimate goal is to earn the "Master Badge".

While you play the game, keep in mind that grapes hold the highest value of all fruits you will collect. Also, when you catch grapes, the falling rate will increase consequently.

In mode 2, you will play with fruit and trampoline. In this mode, the goal is to aim for a moving vase. You have 45 seconds for each trial. If the fruit hits the vase, you get points, if not, you are deducted points.

Fruit Cather is an excellent game for all ages: children and adult. This game is engaging and fun! It will, certainly, challenge your coordination and reflexes!

Have a blast, and tell your friends about this game!

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