Fun-Don't Eat My Fruit!



Are you ready to try our new Cool & Fun Game? Another Awesome game from BEST,FUN, COOL ADDICTING FREE GAMES.

【1】Fun & Cool Game Background Story
Get ready to utilize all your instincts in this action packed fun and addicting defense game! Protect the thing most precious to you, your fruit! Just when you were about to slice up some fruit, these birds had to take it away. Well not anymore! Stand up with your pitchforks and let them have it!

【2】Fun & Cool Free Mode/Features
▼Stamina Gauge!▼
A tough old man but still old! Save on stamina by hitting multiple birds at once!

▼Sharp shooter bonus!▼
Use your keen instincts to predict the birds next movements and hit their bullseye!

▼Cute but ruthless, Addicting and Fun▼
Don't let the birds' cuteness fool you, they're out for the hunt so protect your farm!

【3】Why You Should Play
-Rank at the top of your cool friends!
-Save Your Farm!!
-Your cool grandpa would be proud ヽ(^o^)丿

【4】Awesome Game for Who?
▼Game for Boys▼
Boys out there can compete with your friends, classmates, schoolmates and families. Who is the ultimate guardian?!

▼Game for Girls▼
Girls out there, you can compete with your friends during girls talk. Watch how cute the birds are until they start taking your fruit, now it's time for revenge and nothing is more scary than a girl angry!!

▼Game for Children▼
Fruit is better tasting than vegetables, but if it's all gone - you'll have nothing to eat but onions and potatoes! Oh No! Kids, help save the farm so you can have apples too!

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