Galaga Inspired - Galaxy



Inspired by the classic Galaga

If you enjoy games like Centipede and Space Invaders you will love it Galaxy

This game is out of beta testing and ready for live play!
Release date 8/29/13

*No ads
*Pause menu
*Save your high score
*Every 5000 points get a free life

How to play -

You can only shoot two bullets at a time.

As soon as a bullet is destroyed it can be shot again just like the classic.

Try shooting slower or only when you have a shot lined up

Move finger below the ship to moves.

Tap finger anywhere above the ship to shoot.

Suggest playing with 2 hands, 1 finger to move 1 finger to shoot.

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If any bugs arrive they will be fixed right away.

Keywords arcade, original, Legions, 3d, atari, nes, snes

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