Gangnam Speed Runner™ LITE



WARNING: You are about to enter the Gangnam Speed Runner zone!

Prepare yourself for a high octane, energy driven, action-packed game with fast-paced Gangnam Speed Runner music!

Run fast and make your way to the teleportation device at the end of each level. Teleport to the next level, replay unlimited times, pause the game or choose a different level. That's right… all levels are unlocked, so you can skip the hard ones and try them later.

If you die, the level resets and you run, run, run, Gangnam Speed Runner style!

Earn thousands of Gangnam points as you race and dance through levels avoiding obstacles, fireballs and blades. Find the egg within each level and beat your friends and family with the highest Gangnam Points. Are you the next Gangnam Speed Runner?


• Use the left, right and jump controls to navigate your way through each level.

• Press jump twice to activate your Power Puff Booster to jump higher and farther.

• Avoid obstacles, fireballs and sharp blades.


Try this game for free, then get the full version with more levels, cool features and new game characters!