Gem Brick Game




    Gem brick game is a creative game. It has different style of matching building. Classic game, with fine screen, and a variety of gem icon.
    The Simple operation, with time limits, click triple the distance within the same two pictures can be eliminated.
    Try to challenge the evaluation of the full star.
     Games rule:
     The same two gem brick cards together with less than two straight lines can be eliminated; the rules are simple and easy to get started.
     Props introduction:
    Start: Click Start button to start the Game
    Play: Match 2 same "gem brick cards" horizontally and vertically and click on the cards.
    Refresh: will refresh the picture on the screen              
    Find: If you not find the same "gem brick card" click on find button to find the same; you only "3" time find chance;
    Enrich the blood : Fill up the progress bar
    Progress bar:  Timer Bar will indicate the remains time;
    Exchange : randomly one picture into another picture
    Download brick game online and play it now!