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    Objective : You (the Good Guy) save Little Guys scoring as many points as possible before the Bad Guy eats you.

    Has a classic arcade video game feel.

    If you enjoy games like mis pac man, asteroids, space invaders then you will love Good Guy Bad Guy.

    NEW Patch - "bad guy babies" 3/11/13 - Scroll down for patch notes

    Note: This is the free version. Get full version to play pass 35

    Good Guy basic movement : Drag your finger along screen to move Good Guy. Lift your finger up, Good Guy will slows down but follows the current direction. Return your finger to the screen and start dragging to regain control of Good Guy.

    Saving Little guy: Every time you save a Little Guy your score increases by 1 as well as the Bad Guys speed.

    Bad Guy: The Bad Guys main objective is to eat you! But he will settle for eating Little Guys along the way. Losing you 3 points for each one he eats.

    Bad Guys direction: The Bad Guy only changes his direction when he either hits the wall or you remove your finger off the screen.

    Jumping: There are four jumps. One in each corner of the screen. Touch them to instantly warp to their location.

    Disposable Webs: At the start of the game you have three disposable webs. (There one time use only so use them wisely).
    Touch them to send the bad guy to its location holding him in place, enabling him to move, harm you or little guys for 3 seconds.

    Bonus webs: Every time you score 10 points you have a free web that will appear in the upper right corner, this web is active as soon as it appears. So use it or lose it.
    (After you reach 80 points the bonus webs no longer appear).

    NEW : Patch Notes - "bad guy babies" 3/11/13

    Every time you hit five points a bad guy baby will appear and chase you forcing you
    to lift up your finger off the screen and squish them by simply tapping them.

    If the bad guy baby makes it to you he will hold you in your current position until you squish him.
    It's best to squish him right away.

    Remember when you lift your finger off to squish the bad guy baby, the main bad guy will change his direction towards you.
    You must have no fingers on the screen to squish the bad guy babies. (Can't use two fingers one controlling the good guy and one squishing bad guy babies won't work)

    Bad Guys direction: Use this to your advantage. Remove your finger when a little guy is in the Bad Guys path, changing his direction to you and saving the little Guy.

    Jumping: Use these to change the bad guys direction as well as get around fast. You can warp to a jump location by touching it. Then remove your finger to change the bad guys direction towards the jump.
    Remember the bad guy only update his direction when you lift your finger, is possible to warp to another jump without changing his direction to the current one.

    Ggbg - Short for Good Guy Bad Guy

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