Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats/HACK



Want to cause mayhem on the streets of Grand Theft Auto 3 or Vice City on your mobile device? Now you can finally get all the weapons you ever wanted, be in control and blow up the entire virtual world and more!

This is the inofficial Grand Theft Auto Cheating software for both GTA 3 *and* GTA Vice City.
With this software you can enter all the regular GTA cheats known from the other platforms WITHOUT having a physical keyboard device attached to your mobile device!

Just follow the 5 simple steps:
1. Run this GTA Cheating software
2. While playing the game, press the new KEYBOARD button (in bottom center of the screen)
3. Remember cheat code you want to use
4. Return to game
5. Enter cheat code in the virtual keyboard

Also see screenshots or video below on how to use software!

You have been warned: The current low pricing offer is only available for a limited ammount of time!

Now enjoy playing with all the cheats!

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