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It is WWI and your task is to destroy all the flying enemies while trying to stay alive

  • Smooth, game graphics
  • Entertaining
  • Menu design
  • Crashes

"The sky is a dangerous place"

Hostile Skies - Shoot 'Em Up is an action game for Android, an air combat where you take control of a plane from WWI and destroy all the enemies before they get to you. The game is divided into missions which will be presented at the beginning of each level.

There is a section with Instructions but unfortunately, there are written as if the app was a computer game (mouse, space bar, letters) so you must not pay attention to that, the controls are simple: press the screen to shoot and drag the plane around to aim at the other attackers, in order to kill them all after some shoots. Of course, you also need to protect yourself and try not to be attacked.

The menu design is improvable but once you're playing everything works smoothly and the graphics are great. However, if you stop playing and want to continue, the game shuts itself and you need to restart the game again, which is pretty annoying.

Game Team - Play Free Games App are the developers of Hostile Skies and a few other simple games for Android. If you like air action apps that increase the difficulty as the game advances, you might want to download this one.

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