[Basic rules]
1. Tilt your device to control the spaceship.
2. Control the spaceship avoiding meteoric stones.
3. Pass through all rings within the limited time.

In 2020, the earth was no longer able to live for human beings because of environmental pollution. There was a spaceship bound for Mars for a survey. Six month later, when it was about to come at Mars, the spaceship lost communication with mission controllers on earth. After a while, meteoric stones which could not be found on the rader appeared around the spaceship, and geometric rings broke out.
Strangely, a voice from mission controllers can be read as you approach the rings.
“Pass through all the rings, and the system will start to work.”
It was really like a voice from mission controllers, but you'd never heard anything about this before the departure. You obeyed the voice anyway and tried to get close to rings floating in space...

Tags: free space eagle , mars space invitation

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