Ivy Kiwi




    dding a small ivy big adventure, she checked antique storybook pages.
    Pull boot ivy vines and safety, her goals.
    Ivy kiwi, hit home console action game, is now available on Android,
    Our heroine is a young Ivy, a newborn baby kiwi, has been separated from her mother.
    In the wild, desperate to find her mother, a small kiwi run close dashes.
    But Ivy is unable to fly to her own, and even the smallest bumps or obstacles can not climb.
    This is to help you come pulling ivy vines to guide her through her story, and toward the goal.
    Pull vines easily. Simply touch display and slide.
    Beware of mice and crows stop your way because your head as the goal.
    Flick grapes, kiwi birds toss guide Ivy through a single touch of your finger game.
    In all 50 challenging stages! Clear each stage finish with a happy ending story book.
    Such as extra games of all 50 stages and bonus features collection of red feathers makes it challenging and re-play,
    There are a lot of new clothes for you to wear ivy.
    Single-touch controls are fun, easy to learn,
    Intuitive interface to attract players quickly!