King Fighter IV


King Fighter IV's review


King Fighter IV is a classical role-playing fighting game

  • Timekiller
  • Multiple weapons and power-ups
  • Reminds old arcades
  • Graphics should be enhanced
  • Intrusive ads
  • Needs more levels

"2033: World's at war"

Actually, it looks like classic beat'em up arcade like Street of Rage or Double Dragon. King Fighter IV tells the story of a future world war that has broke out due to nuclear interests. You embody a fighter that makes the most of technology and fighting skills to find and blow up terrorist who are threatening the world he lives in.

Thus, players must advance through streets, platforms and futuristic facilities, fighting final bosses and his lackeys. The game is set in 16bit-like graphics with stunning battle effects. Graphics aren't its strongest point though. Controls are quite intuitive: a joypad on the left, two buttons to attack and two more for special attack that require "energy" bar filled.

On their way, players will find multiple weapons and power-ups, as well as money to upgrade skills and weaponry. There are different scenarios set in all five continents. No complaints regarding performance: the games runs smooth even on low-end devices. Entertaining.

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