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Magic Gun

Want to be a sharpshooter? You want, but you don't have a gun. Don't worry. Our free gun app can realize your dream. It is a functional app of gun.

1. It can imitate most of the guns, including Handguns, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault,Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns.

2. When you hand your phone, you will feel that you are catching a real gun.

3. You can choose different guns to play. There are several modes for you to choose, such as training mode, score mode.

Don't forget to open the media sound and then you can hear your scores from the gun trainer!

Want to feel a real gun? Then download Magic gun right now.

Do you know much about handguns?
A handgun, in fact, is a firearm designed to be handheld, in either one or both hands. This characteristic distinguishes handguns as a class of firearms from long guns such as rifles and shotguns (which are mounted against the shoulder).
Most handgun subtypes are the revolver and pistol; other subtypes contain derringers, single-shot pistols, semi-automatic pistols, pepperboxes, and machine pistols.
Although handgun use usually includes bracing with a second hand, the essential distinguishing characteristic of one handgun is its facility for one-handed operation.
The common types of handguns are listed below in their order of historical appearance. Each type could be classified into many subtypes. Lots of these types can also be differently classified using the general distinction between muzzle-loading firearms (loading from the front of the barrel) and breech-loading firearms (loading from behind the barrel).
Types of handguns:
Single-shot pistols
Multi-barreled pistols
Semi-automatic pistols
Machine pistols

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