Marble Matching Game



Marble matching Game is our new game with lot of things to match. A cute style of matching marble things. This game as fine screen and options of marble icons.
• All Simple operation,
• Target timing,
• Click triple the distance within the same two pictures can be eliminated.
• Challenge the evaluation of the full star.
If you like matching game this is the best one you get.
Games rule:
The same two marble cards together with less than two straight lines can be eliminated; the rules are simple and easy to get started.
Props introduction:
• Start: Click Start button to start the Game
• Play: Match 2 same "marble common cards" horizontally and vertically and click on the cards.
• Refresh: will refresh the picture on the screen
• Find: If you not find the same "marble card" click on find button to find the same; you only "3" time find chance;
• Enrich the blood : Fill up the progress bar
• Progress bar: Timer Bar will indicate the remains time;
• Exchange : randomly one picture into another picture

Download the marble matching game