Master Baitor (Full)

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    Master Baitor is back - with a COMPLETELY NEW LAYOUT! And even though this seems almost impossible - it's even more awesome than before! The new release - Master Baitor Fresh 'n' Fruity - features aliens, ninjas, alcohol, drugs - and FRUITS!

    The principle of the game is as simple as it is ingenious: Instead of milking the aliens from MasterBaitor v0.69, you now have to wash fruits! And doesn't that sound even more fun?!


    Master Baitor Fresh 'n' Fruity Full (Version 1.69) features:

    ♥ 30 different levels with new, individual graphics
    ♥ Many unlockable achievements
    ♥ Lots of different buyable items
    ♥ Three different, funny game modes


    »At first glance, this application seems rather dubious.«
    — androidmag about Master Baitor v0.69