Metal Gear Soldier



This game supports Inglés ,简体 中文,繁体 中文,日本语, 한국 의 , русский ,
If you like war games and defense games , which is like this !
If you are so bored with classic defense games then you should try it , too!
This is definitely the completion of the tower defense games ! What are you waiting for? Download it for free ! No ads !
 - The battle mode ! The enemies could attack your turrets in battle mode that makes the game more challenging and interesting !
 - 2 modes of defense, the normal mode without end.
 - 3 difficulty levels .
 - 3 different special abilities : Space lasers , EMP bomb and B2 bomber .
 - 9 types of different turrets containing the gatling gun , tesla coil , air defense weapons , EMP generator
 - 100 well designed maps that lets you enjoy the game for months!

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