Metal Slug Game simulater 2.0



"Super Metal Slug" in 1996, the first generation was not unexpected by the SNK produced, but a little-known company Nazca popular works. Use the NeoGeoMVS powerful machine can make MS with unprecedented detail and rich animation style and a gun and red. MS from the system in terms of playing time in an already almost perfect. 8-direction jump shot, the main gun firepower varieties comprehensive, large power parabola grenades plus fast dagger melee attacks, an all-Rambo-style hero was born. And each level must be played by material - Metal Slug tank weapon is equipped with all the necessary elements of celebrity, people who have seen the game all on this small tank fascinated Q version - nonsense, who saw will also get on the ground tank jumping forward, he could be injected into their lives. Two different game endings, making this game has profound meaning lies.

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