Missile Panic



Control the missile and attack the core of enemy’s base. The missile lose energy , when it attack the core. Get energy balloon to recover energy. If you destroy all cores, The enemy’s base explodes. There are 32 enemy's bases.
Good luck !

The missile destroys the enemy’s core hurling oneself.
The missile lose a energy , when it attack the core.
If the missile get a energy baloon, it’s energy make a recovery. If energy is full, energy limit increases.
If you get anything, the missile speed is up.
If you destroy all enemy’s base core, that stage is mission complete

game over.
- energy is 0.
- time is 0.
- The missile touches the wall or objects.

- If you tap Ad, you can play with fullscreen.

You can choose BGM with option menu.
When you select BGM RESET, BGM is nothing.

Tags: panic wars? , yamagame

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