NaruFight (Beta)



Hi all! We make a Naruto game for Android and add this file for your experience. If you download and test this game, please RATE IT and add your wishes! We renamed from "Naruto: The Fight".

Please dont rate it one or two stars if you "Cant play..." or "Kakashi dont fight". It is JUST A BETA. DONT FORGET IT!
AI (Artificial intelligence) we made in version 1.3. Now we fix all prolems and add new content.

We made this game and sometimes cant sleep for a perfect gameplay in this game.It not easy if you think. We love Naruto and made this game for you.

In version 1.2 we will made:
1.New combo tutorial with animations of character and pages.
2.Shake the camera when beating strong attack.
3.New ninjutsu for all characters include new.
4.Combo numbers on screen

In version 1.3 we will add:
1.AI (stupid)
2.Super mode (if lifes <25%)
and it not all...

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