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    Let's have a naval battle shot now!
    Naval Battle Shot is a free application game for all android mobile uses! It is a battle ship simulator which help you experience the real feeling about having a sea war. You can shoot enemies or building target with the battleship.Please do not open your volume of your mobile phone. Because you can hear the sound of the bomb blast and the running of the battleship which makes the war more realistic!
    The most great thing in this free battle app is that you can choose where to shoot or having a war!!! There are four counties totally in this free game;they are America, Soviet Union, Germany and Britain. One thing you may surprise is you can choose which coastal cities or things to shoot! For example, if you choose shot Britain, you can choose HMS Orion, HMS Iron Duke and so on;in America you can choose North Carolina, New Jersey and so on. There are about 40 different targets for you to choose and every target has a icon.
    Standard and ways about getting score:
    1.Press the volume button in your mobile to fire the bomb.
    2.The quickly you shot, the high score you will get.
    3.Hold your mobile stable. The more stable you hole, the more score you will get.

    1.Choose which country to have the war in America or in German; in Soviet Union or in Britain.
    2.Choose which city or ship/things you what to shoot. Different country has different choices. The totally choices are about 40. For example, you can choose shot in Soviet Union gangly.
    3.Start training after you choosing the country and city/target.
    4.See the high score mad by you or others in this game.
    5.Have a tutorial about how to play the game and what slandered the score will be given.
    6.Search the weapon information in Wikipedia. We prepared you a link to wiki about the weapon.
    7.Back to home or former page with back and home button on the bottom of the game.
    8.Search your task in this game or the story about this game in game button near home button.
    9.If you have any question or suggestion, you can tell us from supply button. If you think it is good, please offer us 5 stars to encourage us. Thans for your support very much. We will work hard to make better free applications!

    This is a great battle ship simulator on android mobile phone. In our daily life, we have little chance to drive a ship to have a war. Now you can use the mobile app to have a real experience. In shooting the target, you will feel excited in some degree and choose which country even city to shoot. Imagine you are driving the battleship in Indiana of America. What a great thing it is! You must can not miss it. Download and enjoy it now!

    In generally speaking, a battle during the 20th century was, and continues to be, defined by the combat between opposing forces representing major components of total forces committed to the military campaign, used to achieve specific military objectives.Where the duration of the battle is much longer than a whole week, it is often for reasons of staff operational planning which called an operation. Battles could be planned, encountered or forced by one force on the other way when the latter is unable to withdraw from the combat.

    The battles always have as its purpose the reaching of a mission goal by use of military force. A victory in the battle always is achieved when one of the opposing sides forces the other to abandon its mission, and to surrender its forces, or routs the other, etc., forces it to retreat or renders it militarily ineffective for further combat operations. But a battle might end in a Pyrrhic victory, which ultimately favors the defeated party. If there is no resolution reached in a battle, it could result in a stalemate. A conflict in which one side was unwilling to reach a decision by a direct battle using conventional warfare usually becomes an insurgency.

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