nds4droid is the first Nintendo DS emulator for high-end Android phones (1ghz+ recommended).

REQUIRES A HIGH END ANDROID DEVICE. If the framerate is slow, it's because your phone is not fast enough. This is a very heavy emulator.

Current features:

- On-screen interface
- ROM loading
- Save states
- APP to SD

How to play?
Copy your NDS roms to your SD card and boot up the application. It'll automatically find them. Select your rom and start playing! Make sure the roms are .nds format and that they are not "trimmed".

Press the top left button to hide interface elements and use the touch screen.

DUE TO PERFORMANCE REASONS SOUND IS CURRENTLY DISABLED (would crack). Sound will be enabled for certain devices in the near future.

NDS , Nintendo DS© are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nintendo. All rights reserved. We are not affiliated with them in any way.

Will receive additional updates in the next weeks/months.

Please send any feedback/comments to ikaridev@gmail.com - I appreciate it!

Roms can take a while to load. For example, the Pokémon rom can take one minute to boot up.

Nearly all roms should be working.

List of tested and confirmed working ROMs --
- Yoshi's Island DS
- Professor Layton and the Curious Village
- Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
- Monopoly
- Franklin the Turtle
- Harvest Moon
- Pokemon Pearl

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